5 days, 5 photos, 5 stories



Dear Mother,

It has been 2 years since I saw you. How are you going to react when you see me today? These years have worn me mum. There sure isn’t a better feeling than coming home. The sweet fragrance of your clothes, your warm home cooked meals, the comfort of your embrace, and your constant nagging to clean my room (haha), I missed it all mother.

I know you missed me too. I knew you have been waiting for this day too. I know my neighborhood must already by captured by aromas emitted from our kitchen today! I know you must have constantly reminded all your friends about my home coming. About how your daughter today comes back as Dr. Naaz bint Uthman Khan.

I would have never seen this day had you not been there mother. I remember all the days that you single handedly worked in the laboratory and at home. How after abba passed away you took all my responsibilities on your own shoulders. I know you were lonely, yet you never let me feel left out.

The nights when you stayed up just because I had my terminal examinations, the savings you did to get my sports kit and the sorrow I saw in your eyes when we couldn’t afford that pretty dress for me! It took me a while to realise that all these years you never owned more than 3 abayas at a time. How naive I was!

You were my mother, my guide, my inspiration and my best friend! You taught me so much and most of all you taught me to trust Allah subhanah wa ta’ala. You reminded me that it was but a test and that I had to strive to perform my best as a muslimah. In spite of all hardships, we had to hold on really hard to our deen.

I carried so much with me when I left for my med-school. You sent me so that I never had to see the hardships that you did. You sent me so that I could fulfill the dream abba saw for me. I still believe that you look gorgeous that day. As I sat in the train to leave and keep staring at you bidding me goodbye. Those fine lines around your eyes, soft flowy mauve hijab and the smile of a strong muslimah.. SubhanahAllah! Gorgeous.

The time has now come that I pay you back for everything. The time for you to finally sit back home and retire. To enjoy the sweetness of ease. It is time for me to strive for jannah.. for indeed jannah lies at the feet of a mother.

I imagine you in the same mauve hijab, standing in the station and waiting for me. My heart smiles. Time doesn’t seem to pass.. my journey to you doesn’t seem to end..


# a fictional story

I’d like to thank sister Fatmawaty who has selected me to participate in this โ€œFive Days Challengeโ€. Iโ€™m supposed to post a picture each for five days and write a story keeping the picture as the theme. It may be a fiction or non fiction of any length. Each day I also have to nominate a fellow blogger to participate in this 5 days challenge.

My nominee for today is therevertmiyabhai. There is no compulsion for you to accept it but it is a fun activity and will get your brains racking! So go for it :-*


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