5 days, 5 photos, 5 stories



7th August 1975, 5:00am.

“Tringgggggggg….”, my telephone rung yet again today! The ring now gets on my nerves. Everyday since the past 20days someone has been calling me at this hour. No matter how much I dig my head between pillows and blankets, the shrill ring seeps in disturbing my sleep.

My wife, Aairah, is already up for her salah and peacefully ignores the ring. Telephone exchange somehow have not bothered to help me with my ‘early-morning-frenzy-caller’.

Being a surgeon, I can never put the receiver aside. Emergency calls keep coming now and then. Allah only knows who is this silent friend of mine who calls me everyday and patiently calls till I receive and says nothing.

After trying to avoid it for long, helplessly I go and receive it expecting the usual silence.

-“Hello. Doctor Asif here. ”


– “Hello?”

Sigh. I am about to keep the receiver down when I hear something.

– “Hello”. It was the scariest voice that I had heard. A heavy distant male voice,  slow in speech and commanding.

I stood there with the receiver on my ears.

-” For 20days you woke up for my call, knowing there was no outcome. What makes you sleep when Allah is calling you for salah?”

There was screeching noise and the call disconnected.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

The receiver fell from my hands. I don’t know what happened. I started shivering. The darkness around started piercing. What was it?

-” Aairah..!”. My voice choked. I simply couldn’t speak. I wanted to but I couldn’t.

7th September, 1975. 11:00am



-“Aairah? Shaziyah here.”

-” Shaziyaaaaaaa! As salamu alai kum. Hahaha.. thank you so much Shaaz!. Jazakillah khair.”

– “Did it work?”

-” Alhamdulillah yes! Asif has not missed a single fajr henceforth. I never thought it would work but truly, am sure your husband must have made it sound really scary. Asif was sweating profusely that day. He sure seemed worried!!”

Shaziya and I couldn’t stop laughing! Maybe someday I would tell Asif about it and he could laugh along too! 😉


# a fictional tale

I’d like to thank sister Fatmawaty who has selected me to participate in this “Five Days Challenge”. I’m supposed to post a picture each for five days and write a story keeping the picture as the theme. It may be a fiction or non fiction of any length. Each day I also have to nominate a fellow blogger to participate in this 5 days challenge.

My nominee for today is Jannah as my Goal.There is no compulsion for you to accept it but it is a fun activity and will get your brains racking! So go for it :-*


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