Wooohoooooooo! Another Liebster 🙂 Though officially I am no more qualified for Liebster awards (since it is for those who have lesser then 200 followers), yet since I love being nominated I will gladly accept this nomination from brother Bilal. His is a delicious blog dedicated entirely to food and carries so much goodness (or foodness)! Please do visit his blog here. Thank  you for nominating me. I am humbled 🙂

The rules for this award are as follows:


Time to answer questions asked to me-

1)What’s your first reaction on being nominated?

Yipee! Liebster again 😀

2) How long have you been blogging and why?

Ummm..7 months. Just like that.

3) How do you motivate yourself to continue your blog?

9 out of 10days I am going through writer’s block. Alhamdulillah, that 1 day when I suddenly get a good story, inspiration or experience to write about!

4) Top 5 things on your bucket-list ?

As of now there’s just multiple things leading to one goal- set my life as a muslimah! :-/  In Shaa Allah.

5) How do you connect to the one in mirror?

Very well. She has been with me through all my ups and downs! 😀

6) Your idea of relaxation?

Sleep, then eat, then sleep, eat and sleep.

7) Top 3 things you want to do if the world wasn’t noticing?

Sleep all day, chat all day and watch YouTube. Actually, simply waste my days.

And I am too lazy to nominate now.. and sleepy as always. Here is the link to my previous Liebster where I had nominates fellow bloggers and awaiting replies 🙂

Thank you.


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