The World Shook…


[The time of] their account has approached for the people, while they are in heedlessness turning away. (Surah Al-‘Anbiya, 21:1)

It was just another day, or so we thought. A lazy and warm Saturday. My family had decided to execute a no-tech day. It simply implies that we would stay away from all technical gadgets that day. As is the obvious repercussion, we were sitting together and sharing a conversation.

The earth shook. When my father announced his chair to be shaking, my mother (yet to feel the tremors) told him that he perhaps was hallucinating. It was only a few seconds later when our bed started moving, we became still. We sat there with panic in our eyes, watching the table fan as an indicative to distinguish between reality and hallucination- as long as that was swinging, the tremor was continuing.

Immediately as it stopped, we turned on the TV and the news was all over. Alhamdulillah, just a little later my sister sent me the above verse from Surah Al-Anbiya.

This is perhaps the fourth earthquake that I have experienced in the last six years. I remember, how rare they were earlier. The first 17 years of my life, I do not recall having experienced even one. I have lost count of how many I have witnessed as a citizen of this world.

May Allah ease every person affected by this calamity. May they be rewarded for such trials, may their hearts turn towards Allah. Ameen.


There are so many things you ponder in such vicissitudes. You consider yourself lucky to have been saved. You count your blessings in true sense. The very facts that your life is saved and limbs are intact are more than enough to make you thankful, no matter how short-lived.

Fear prevailed for a very long time as people fastened their belts to be prepared for aftershocks. That day I truly prepared to pray as if it was my last prayer. I kept thinking what if there are aftershocks when I am sleeping and the building collapses! Audhubillah. Indeed, Allah is Al Hafeez, Al Muqeeth –The Protector, The Sustainer.

“And [remember] when your Lord proclaimed, ‘If you are grateful, I will surely increase you [in favor]; but if you deny, indeed, My punishment is severe’.” (Qur’an, 14:7)

As I woke up the next morning, I realised the opportunity I have been given to live. Did the people who climbed Dharahara towers in Nepal have any idea that the famous monument will collapse just the very few seconds they were inside it? On the other hand, I think about those who must have exited it a few minutes back or were planning to enter it a few seconds later! Were they not saved with precision? Only Allah controls when you have to be called. It is but ignorance to delay turning to Allah to a future date. The house in which you are sitting might collapse just as you are reading this sentence! May Allah protect you and guide us.

My father and I were having a discussion over my career this morning. Very amusingly, he was explaining me how important it is to position ourselves well in our career in a job which makes us happy. It is only then that we will be able to face all adversities in life with a proper spirit. Otherwise we will despair. He explained how everyone has been placed properly in this world- just as God wanted him to be. How the earth has been placed with absolute perfection and even a change in one degree in its angle with lead to destruction.

Alhamdulillah, I heard him with a smile and though he was implying all this in a different direction, I could not stop thanking Allah for putting earth in this perfect angle 🙂

He is the One Who has made perfectly everything He has created: He began the creation of human beings with clay, And made his progeny from a quintessence of the nature of a fluid despised: But He fashioned him in due proportion, and breathed into him something of His spirit…”
Quran 32:7-9 (As-Sajdah, the Prostration)

Ever wonder how tiny humans look when we are in an aircraft? We are weak, insignificant and heedless. Yet, we have One Allah who takes care of each of us. We humans despair seeing these calamities. Yet, we do not turn to Allah upon imagining the destruction that will be on the Last Day. Audhubillah.

Every thing, with the most minute details, that happens in our lives is absolutely non-random. We need to sit back and find our way to Allah subhana wa ta’ala. Indeed, He is the Most Merciful and Most Forgiving. No matter how much we have failed Him, it is only as His slave that we shall find complete solace In Shaa Allah.

May Allah ease all your affairs. Salam(peace).


my journey as a revert muslimah

An ode to my sisters…

I sit staring out, at the vast expanse. The unending fields, the unpurged breeze that seeps through my soul,

I sit here to count my blessings,
For that only will soothe a soul in despair,

I see my flesh, my limbs, my mind,
I see His creation in me.. SubhanAllah, I can’t complain.
Allah humma anta hassanta khalqi fa hassin khuluqi

I see the roof over me, I feel the comfort of my bed,
The lights and fans, my meals and sleep;

I start feeling thankful, my heart feels ease
Then a voice within me speaks, reminding me of my greatest blessings,

Truly a gift from Allah, my sisters for His pleasure alone,
A love so pure, for it is the love for His sake alone,

You hold me when I stagger, and reflect my deeds as my mirror,
Perhaps that’s the reason you were sent to me,
To soothe my heart with your honeydew words,

When I turn, you remind me of my Maker,
In my despair, you share with me glimpses of Jannah,
The stories of Rusool(صلي الله عليه وسلم), Shahabas and Ummah, you share it all to push me just a little more,

And when I laugh and leap with moments to share, you hold my hand to smile to say Alhamdulillah,
I confide in you, I tell you my dreams and out there I know you silently make duaa,

We laugh, we fight, we tease, we pray and we cry;
We learn and together we unleash all our agonies,
Hoping to walk along, in this road that traverses its way to Allah alone,

Time shall pass, tough or glorious,
We have seen it all and shall see it again,
No lover feels this, the essence of us is so pleasant,
For is it not only Allah who makes us one, with Him we start and with Him we shall end too.


my journey as a revert muslimah

There will be times when you will be in two minds,times that you will stagger.

Moments when you sit alone introspecting your choice

Those moments when you shall try to understand what future holds but the view will only be blurry.

You think and strive, hoping things to ease maybe not so scary,

You may heave a sigh, for you know that only He knows what future holds. You will smile at this realisation.

You didn’t even know a year back, that this day you would be sitting here and thinking this.

Everyday unfolds as a new chapter and when you close your eyes everyday, you amaze yourself at your performance for that day.

Good or bad, you survived another day.
Tomorrow can be better In shaa Allah.

Remind yourself that you are not alone. Console yourself for only you can.

These tears that you shed, will be counted.
For these tears you shed for His love.

He is counting every drop that drips down your lids. He knows your pain even before you express it.

This walk of life, is one that you have to walk alone.
People will come but people will go too. They have their own walks  too.

Don’t think the one ahead is any less grieved.
He has his share of tests too.

Cherish the pain that you carry, and ask for reward in exchange.
A reward that shall be sweet, a reward that shall be eternal.

In a land where all pain, all sorrow shall cease.
In a land where time forever shall freeze.


For the soul in despair…

my journey as a revert muslimah



After writing Ten Things What Reverts Get to Hear, I thought of penning down the curious case of new muslimahs or secretly revert muslimahs. How are they different from other practising muslims or reverts? Well, with a few only their family knows about their reversion (not disclosed to distant relatives or family friends; and they are facing family/ societal pressures), wherein with some even family does not know yet.

So here we go with the wierd things we do!


Give me a high five if you have experienced this. Even if your parents know, it is extremely awkward to pray in front of them. It is equally awkward to express the urgency to suddenly leave the conversation because it is Maghreb! Then there is the question of “why would you not leave the house at 5pm?”

-“ummm because I will end up missing both Asr and Maghreb!” (In my head) but my tongue says, “mum it’s so sunny outside, lets go after sunset”

*curious mum goes away.


So, you have your websites for science project open in one tab and the one behind has Islamic websites. You want to learn salah, arabic, clothing, about Prophets (alayhis salam), sahabas etc. You carefully erase the history each day so that your sibling doesn’t find that out or they don’t freak out thinking that you learning about terrorism. Nearly every thing you do that has arabic connected to it, is looked as a code language to communicate with Terrorist groups. :-/

Oh those Islamic books you ordered from some website, right from secretly receiving it, to sporting a casual look while collecting it until hiding it everyday can sure be a task! There are so many books that I was so busy hiding that I actually forgot to read them properly!


Most often, every muslim who learns that you have reverted welcomes you whole heartedly. You meet their mom, dad, sister and every pious friend of theirs to ensure that you don’t fall lonely in this new role.

It feels warm and only reverts know how soothing it is to have even one muslim as a close confidant. Better even, if you know a few more reverts in your community who know exactly what you feel. They become your special friend and without a lot of efforts, your contact list suddenly has a lot of muslim names. Ahana, Aliya, Ameera, Aasma, Bushra, Bushra SA, Alima Farah, Apa Ayesha , Sanaa Revert, Prerna Revert, etc.

With some, they are soon made a part of WhatsApp groups so that they learn more! In there you even get contacts from other nations. Khadijah UK, Zeenath Pak, Alfiyah Ind etc.

Suddenly you start basking in the sunshine of muslim brotherhood but you become creepier with your phone. You avoid using WhatsApp before your other friends or family. You hide notifications, mute the groups and keep your phone screenside down always! God save you from that suspicious stare if at all your father is using the phone and up pops a notification, “Raziya UAE posted in Deeniyat group ابتث……”
As I said, anything having arabic text is possibly from Terrorist groups.


Right from how the Quranic verse describes the hijab to learning how to wear to choosing the right material. A new muslimah wants to know it all. Trust me it was not a one day job. It took me months to get it right.

The slipping chiffon and the woolen stoles in Indian tropical summers! I went through it all. Managing with the few scarves that you have, unorganized and unmatched hijabs, hair peekaboo-ing from weird angles, wrong pins drilling holes in the hijab! I had almost 7 to 10 pins on my head! Haha. Only much later did I meet another hijabi sister who helped me with skull-caps, bands, pins, the right material and the easy way to drape it. Now I am fine with just 1 pin. Alhamdulillah.


The ones who don’t wear it, learn about it and dream of wearing it one day and those who do, practically dealing with it is a task without a mentor. 🙂


Those who do not help their moms in grocery shopping would not even be aware whether the meat in their homes is halal are not. In India particularly, I have not even seen the trend of packaged meat being tagged as halal. You actually have to call up customer care or ask the store dealer about it. Best I feel is to avoid them.

For those who know that it is not halal, it is a task to avoid eating them. My mother gasped when I declared I have turned into a fish-eatarian. (Yes, I agree I have put my mother into a lot of trauma).

Another way round for meat lovers is to perhaps hunt for halal brands or find a muslim butcher in their locality and personally take up buying meat every time!

Oh, and of course how do I forget Pammi aunty forcefully serving ounces of chicken chunks on your plate when you go over to her place for dinner, “Arre beta, why eating so less?”


When time comes for you to start looking for job, you really cannot tell your start detesting filling forms. Until you are not a muslim on paper, your forms always have your birth religion in the religion section. Be assured to be questioned about it if you go with your muslim look for interviews. Worse even, if you are not working in halal sectors, or your degree has ample opportunities in not-so-halal companies.


It is Ramadan! The most spiritual month of the year. There’s so much to do and out here you are struggling to even fulfill the obligatory part of fasting. Alhamdulillah, for those who stay away. It is weird of course, if your friends don’t know and you suddenly skip going to the canteen! Even funnier if you are a hogger like me who suddenly doesn’t feel hungry or have the appetite to have anything 🙂


So at home, you hide food to have later during iftar. Sometimes under the bed or in your wardrobe and then lock your door and relish your lunch. Then of course, perhaps you save something for suhoor and for those who stay in hostels, water and biscuits is your suhoor.


Now you want to adhere by the Islamic dress code. You wish to be more modest and it is quite contrary to your culture. Moreover, you wonder what you must do with you old clothes.

It again took me a while to make my wardrobe adhering to Islamic code completely. Like many, I had thought I would have to give away many clothes but I did not have to. Alhamdulillah. My sister (the one who helped me with hijab) helped me with this too. Buying a shrug and black undersleeves was sufficient to retain most of my clothing. Gradually, I added a few skirts and jackets to my wardrobe too. Alhamdulillah.

Now those whose parents are aware of their reversion, face a lot of rebellion regarding their hijab. My parents, for example, insist on me wearing it the Hindu way (single drape) instead of draping it again and no band inside to attract attention please. Ahem. To keep it afix, I had to push the hijab pin near my throat! Lethally hijabi, I must say 🙂


For some hijabi muslimahs, who wear the hijab outside houses (when they go for jobs or travel), problem arises when guests come home. Parents do not wish to be embarrassed by disclosing the reversion, so you either stand in the balcony for those hours, or locked in a room, washroom or terrace.

Those whose parents don’t know, they also go through the curious stares when they undo their abayas/ scarves before entering their society, building, or homes just to enter their homes as they left.


Reality shows, advertisment, music channels, the not x-rated x movies, name it and its right there in your hallway. You walk upto the fridge, lower your gaze and wish you could lower your ears too! 😉

You don’t want to go for a hang out in that pub anymore, nor do you wish to go for all the movies all the time. Creepy and boring.


That is the gala thing in our lives everyday. Avoiding ceremonies, eating food in which name other gods and goddesses associated with Allah is blown, and more than anything witnessing it. We have to stand right there and save ourselves. In our heads, we are in the state of absolute emergency! Frenzy and applying every means to flee!


This is a bonus point to cheer you up. Not everything is haywire. If your parents are early risers like mine, and if you have been sleeping like a log uptil 10am like me, then their eyeballs sure will pop out when you walk out of your room fresh and shining as they are just out of their bed!

😀 You are done with brushing, and perhaps had something to satisfy your  morning hunger pangs!


No. Don’t feel sad for us. Make duaa. It never seemed too hard. The only thing I guess gets really tough and tiring is to abide by the dress code! Alhamdulillah, Allah makes a way out for everyone. Patience and prayer is the key as usual. As time passes, we learn more and with that we laugh as we share our experiences. Indeed, in remembrance of Allah doth the heart find peace. 


my journey as a revert muslimah

I Got Her Crying!


As a muslimah, I take my obligation of giving dawah seriously. Alhamdulillah. To those of you who are not aware of what dawah means, it simply means inviting people into Islam. It need not necessarily be an outright invitation of “hey you wanna join me as a muslim because Islam is………”. For me, it is subtle and a soft way of introducing Islam to the ignorant masses. It is an effort to bring those who have strayed, closer to God. It is an effort to bring the ones in despair into the ambit of God’s mercy.

The Prophet (pbuh) said

Convey (my teachings) to the people even if it were a single sentence” (Sahih Bukhari, Vol.4, Hadith 667)

As muslims we are blessed to have been chosen as servants to Ar Rahmaan, Ar Raheem (The Most Merciful, The Most Benevolent). We are blessed to know the attributes of God and to understand monotheism in its true sense, we have been commanded by Allah to share this blessing with the rest of His creation too. It is fardh upon us.

Ahem!..but sometimes it just goes wrong. Most of the times, I am granted this opportunity when someone asks me about Islam on their own. For example, they will ask me why I wear the hijab? On the other hand I admit, I have this habit of trying to get Islam into my conversations with non-muslims. It is not a habit, it is actually a conscious effort. So someone might be asking me, “what is your favourite apparel” and I would answer, “abaya” and then would consciously direct the conversation to modesty, lowering gaze, hijab, inter-mixing of sexes and the conversation would go on and on to perhaps end with a hadith on being kind to your neighbours! (Alhamdulillah).

If nothing works, I generally disclose (to those who don’t know) that I am a revert. This has worked 100% if the times. Everytime there is a reaction,
-“whatttttt! So your parents are..?”.
– “hindus” , *poker face* :-/
– ” but why…?”
I am sure my face beams with happiness at this point. Just the question I was waiting for. SubhanAllah, by the will of Allah, I then begin why Islam. 😉

Back in December, my team in office decided to go for a team lunch as a team building activity. We were a team of approximately fifteen youngsters. Amongst them was a good friend Lara. Like many pretty girls, Lara loves herself. Mirror is her best friend and the camera soon follows. So much that Lara actually has a tiny mirror fixed next to her desktop in her cubicle. Alhamdulillah, Allah indeed has gifted her with a beautiful face.

As is the trend these days, no sooner did we hit the table that everyone started clicking photographs. Lara also got a few pictures clicked from my phone.

A couple of days passed and Lara did not ask for the pictures. I guessed she must have forgotten about them and since I dislike keeping pictures with me, I deleted them over the weekend. I still cannot forget the look of horror on Lara’s face when she learnt I deleted her pictures! Alhamdulillah, it was as if I had burnt her hair ;-P  She checked and re-checked my phone quadruple times to ensure it wasn’t a joke. 😥

It was then that she asked me why I do not keep my pictures or put them up on social networking sites. Alhamdulillah, I grabbed this opportunity as a chance to explain her the fitnah a photo may cause. I said bismillah and only with the intention to advise her against fitnah, explained how “lowering of gaze” is such an important aspect of modesty. That womanhood has been reduced to the display of physical beauty and that is a cause of major fitnah in today’s age.

The second aspect, of not displaying your adornment is concern. Concern for those who do not possess what we do. There are people who do not consider themselves as beautiful or those who are not considered beautiful by the world. Though Allah subhana wa ta’ala tells us that we are all beautiful in His eyes, we humans have demeaned beauty by restricting it to terms and conditions like fair, slim, tall, hazel eyes etc. Then there are those who cannot afford that holiday you went to, the jewellery you sport, the lavish grand wedding you had, the amazing meal you are eating, the loving family or the awesome friend circle you have. Doesn’t our constant display of how uptown our lives are, sadden a portion of our society? We act that we are kind and considerate people, then what happens when we act so inconsiderate and desperate to show off our affairs?

Haritha b. Wahb reported that he heard Allah’s Apostle (صلي الله عليه وسلم) as saying:

May I not inform you about the inmates of Paradise? They said: Do this, of course. Thereupon Allah’s Apostle (صلي الله عليه وسلم) said: Every humble person who is considered to be humble if he were to adjure In the name of Allah, He would fulfil it. He then said: May I not inform you about the denizens of Hell-Fire? They said: Yes. And he said: Every haughty, fat and proud (person). [Sahih Muslim]

The third aspect which affects us is the evil eye. The evil eye is a truth. As I told you, there are many who are deprived of these blessings, it may lead to despair, envy, hurt, anger and all this in turn might lead to evil eye. Of course, no evil eye can touch you until Allah wills. But we must tie the camel and leave the rest to Allah (a famous arabic proverb).

It was narrated from ‘Abdullah bin ‘Amir bin Rabi’ah, from his father, that the Prophet (ﷺ) said:

“The evil eye is real.” [Sunan ibn Majah]

Alhamdulillah, Lara seemed to have understood. She nodded in agreement and consented that my understanding was right. I felt glad she grasped it well and healthily. She smiled and I left smiling back hoping that she takes heed of it in the coming days. Beautiful Lara!

“Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good, enjoining what is right, and forbidding what is wrong: They are the ones to attain felicity.” (Quran 3:104)

The next week was the Christmas to New Years week and so I combined my leaves to have a long fifteen days getaway from office! Lo behold… little did I know that I would have to come with a shield :’)

– “dude what did you tell Lara?” , Khushi came somewhat worried.

*me looking gawk eyed*

-“what did you tell Lara, she was crying!”

*Me still in the ‘aing’ mode.*

I was trying to recall a friction, a heated argument, a taunt, a blow, a box etc. In fact, I was on leave for two weeks, what could I do?


– “Lara has been going to every person in the office and crying profusely. Yes, to each and every person asking if her photos cause sadness and evil eye because you told her so!”

Anger. Pity. Sadness. Confusion. It was an overwhelm of emotions I felt. Anger because she told me she understood and smiled with acceptance when I told. My words were moulded behind me, and presented wrongly. I have never refused to a healthy discussion/ debate over what I speak. So why not show disagreement on my face? Confused because I was wondering why cry seven days after the incident and what was there to cry? Pity and sadness for the means used to blow such a general conversation out of proportion. A photograph!

Weird as my mind is, I was imagining Lara’s crying face and the voice of  Pamper baby. Since, I have actually not seen adults boohooing in public this way.


It took me a while to figure out how I was supposed to react. I concluded, it is okay. Whenever someone has given dawah, he has always earned enemies. Even our Prophet (صلي الله عليه وسلم) was hurled with abuses when he went to spread Islam. Was he not called a magician, a mad man, liar or poet? Was he not pelted with stones by the people of Taif? But all the Prophet (صلي الله عليه وسلم) ever did for them was to make duaa.

The repayment of a bad action is one equivalent to it. But if someone pardons and puts things right, his reward is with Allah. Certainly He does not love wrongdoers. (Surat Ash-Shura, 40)

I must admit, it took me longer to let go the matter and figure out what Lara had in her heart. As I sat in my workstation, Lara came with absolute warmth and welcomed me. She spoke to me, sat beside me and in fact when we were deciding teams for a mini project, she volunteered to be in my team rather than other more experienced colleagues.


She sure had me going in ‘aing’ mode all the times. At times I wondered whether she was actually doing the crying and asking each person over the week because here she was more than normal with me.

The topic was quite a wildfire in our circle and I decided against giving any explanation. In all this, I was having shaytaan’s waswasa through various ways to stop giving dawah and stop telling people about Islam, to maintain a protective shield from people and not mix freely with colleagues. This incident got me thinking about where probably I could have gone wrong? I try to ensure the best tone whilst giving dawah and if anything harsh comes from the other side I seek protection from Allah “Audhubillah”. I have spoken about Islam and its aspect to so many people, never has anyone interpreted it this way or used it wrongly.

Alhamdulillah, I decided to ignore waswasaa. I thought about the many brothers and sisters who avoid giving dawah in workplaces or schools because of the fear of what people will say. Trust me, nothing happened. My seniors in office still loved and respected me because I have been a good performer by the will of Allah.

“Therefore do thou give admonition, for thou art one to admonish. Thou art not one to manage (men’s) affairs.” (Qur’an 88:21-22)

Your job is to deliver the message with wisdom and beautiful preaching. (Quran16:125). Your job is not to convert people. A Muslim CANNOT force anyone to embrace Islam.  You are supposed to deliver the Truth of Islam. The rest is up to them whether they accept or not.

People who speak will always speak. One day the topic for Lara was Mona and Shona, so the next day it was me. I wasn’t surprised when a few days later Lara came to me cribbing how difficult marital life is, especially when parents in law are around! Allah protect us from gheeba (backbiting). I realised that it was not hurt but rather the habit of Lara to involve herself in gheeba.

People who are composed and mature, always welcome others’ ideas. Though, they might not agree but they still take it positively. Respectful people understand that the hearts of majority is nice, and who is not flawed in habits?
My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, we do not do it for ourselves, because what will we benefit by anyone accepting tawheed (Oneness of God)? Always remember that we do it to please God (Allah subhana wa ta’ala), we do it to help people out of shirk. We must understand that they are ignorant and they are not aware of the virtues of goodness. They are not aware that the best deed is to stay away from shirk, else from whom will you seek reward of your good deeds? (You never even turned to Him in your lifetime!). When they try to harm you, realise that it is shaytaan using them to discourage you. Imagine that one person, who will be guided by your words and that one person who is in need of Allah. Will we deprive him of the greatest Mercy because someone told us something? Where would we be if our Rusool Allah (salallahu alayhi wasallam) stopped when he was hurled with hurtful words?

So, correct your intention, and carry on with your walk as a Muslim. The world will follow. The next day I was back with Reha, Shreya and Pratiksha

– “blah blah blah…… by the way, I have chosen my faith. I am not a born muslim….”

Pop came the awaited reaction, “whyyyyy Islaaaaaam!!” 😀 😀 😀

“Let there be no compulsion in religion:Truth stands out clear from Error:”(Quran 2:256)



my journey as a revert muslimah


After speaking to a few revert friends, I realised that many of us go through the same stuff on and off. Sometimes ordeals with family, sometimes with friends, sometimes born muslims and sometimes simply with random someones who find out we have reverted to Islam. Here are some of the things we reverts often get to hear, so much that now we have perhaps memorized the responses!

DISCLAIMER: I am aware that most of these questions are asked in complete innocence by people unaware of the answers, out of curiosity and they don’t know that we have been answering it already to hundreds. Also, we welcome questions rather than prejudices and prefer being asked if it helps to remove preconceived notions. This post is written in a light mood and is meant to spread humour. We love you all. Please laugh and pass.



Umm yeah and I am that psycho person with a violent streak within. I am the one responsible for the dead dog down the lane and with Islam my search to justify my hunger for blood ended. In fact, right now right here I am looking at my next prey sitting in front of me!**

Duh! Please no. 🙂  The immediate response is “Why are all terrorists muslims then?”. Well, I think you need to have a more careful look at your newspapers to see whether actually every crime is committed by a muslim? And hey, if you really want to remember the acts of some lunatics on 9/11 and make the lives of muslim civilians miserable, then why do you choose to forget the KKK, World Wars or wars by Ashoka?

Dearest, we are 1 in every 5 in this world. If the Quran really demanded us to kill, you think killing just 4 would be so difficult for us and in that case, (if you are a non-muslim), would you be sitting there alive and asking me this question?**

Do wonder..


Ummm…because I want to obey Allah! We cannot be liable for what every person with a muslim name does. 😀 I mean, some don’t even know fundamentals of Islam. So if there is a terrorist planting bombs or a woman wearing a bikini, and they have a muslim sounding name am I supposed to have a telepathic connection with them once I accept Islam?**

No? Ummmm….then how would I know why they do what they do? I can only tell you why I do what I do! If you assume that every muslim has the superpower to read each other’s mind, well then you are mistaken. 🙂 We function just as you do.

But they say it is a choice. It is not compulsory”. Ahem. Fortunately, it is compulsory and written in the Quran. Reasons are many (we shall deal with them in future In Shaa Allah), and one who understands the wisdom behind it is blessed SubhanAllah. May Allah guide us all.


No, I don’t. In this matter my heart goes out to them who have muslim husbands or are going to marry a muslim man soon In Shaa Allah. People easily conclude the reason for their reversion is marriage/ love. Uhh. Sadly, even though people marry muslims, they have a brain of their own.

Please read an amazing blog by thefitmuslimgirl on this topic:


Please my friend please. It is a torture to compare my choices with your muslim friends! 😥

Well yes, I do because I believe I am blessed to have been chosen to be His servant. I am blessed to understand the concept of pure monotheism and accept it. I am grateful and salah(namaz/ prayer) is one of the pillars of Islam. Scholars unanimously agree that one who doesn’t pray is kuffar. Isn’t it wierd to choose to become a muslim and then again do deeds to get back to kuffarism?

Another statement that I get is “people do it after 50″. Ummmm, sad enough, deeds are recorded from the time we hit puberty. I didn’t know there was a special agreement between you and Allah that you will live beyond 50.**



Humanity is a part of religion. Humanity is a part of human nature. Religion is to teach you whom to worship. Religion is to connect you spiritually with your Maker, your Lord, your Creator. It is about worshipping the one and only God. Every religion preaches humanity but please do not mix humanity with religion.

It is like we put sugar in cakes then we say, “sugar is only cake. Why eat cakes?”.  I hope that makes sense.


*Poker face* No he can’t. In fact, in Islam even beating your own child is not an arbitrary right! There are stringent guidelines as to when you can beat them (in case of extreme disobedience). Beating on the face of a child is prohibited and to correct them with love is always given a priority.

Then you say one can beat his wife? You cannot even uproot a plant in Islam without a valid reason (not even during wars), does it even sound logical that a religion will prohibit you from uprooting trees but will command hitting humans. No. Humans, animals, plants everyone is to be treated with kindness and the epitome of kindness was our Prophet (salallahu alayhi wasallam) who was the most kind to his wives.


Islam is a pure monotheistic religion. Muslims worship only God. Muslims worship only the Creator and not the creation. The definition of a Muslim is one who submits to the will of God. The will of God is clearly told to us via Qur’an and hadiths.

So what is the black box you ask? It is a symbol of unity for Muslims all over the world to face and pray. Also, it is a pilgrimage site for Muslims. We do not worship it.



*Chuckles*, I am not playing religion religion here. Nor am I merely in the whims of shifting religion. I would rather have stuck to my birth religion if I wanted to play safe and remain away from the tabooed religion. 😀


So, you say I don’t love my parents because I chose a new religion? I am actually rofling at that thought. So you are saying you have obeyed each and every decision of theirs eh? You didn’t date ever, you don’t like a girl your parents might not approve, you never had alcohol, you never lied to them and hanged out with friends, you never ate that junk without their permission, you never lied that you were studying but you were actually playing video games, you didn’t sneak to watch tv amidst exams when they were out, you didn’t lie about your teacher being strict whereas in reality you didn’t get marks because you didn’t study, you didn’t study to be an xyz where they wanted you to become a doctor or engineer, you didn’t refuse to wear that Tshirt your mom wanted you to wear, you didn’t yell at your mom when there was no reason to etc etc.

So you mean from the day you hit puberty, you have obeyed everything that your parents have asked you to? And anyone who thinks differently from his parents (possibly because they are a separate individual) doesn’t love them? Then I guess 99.9999% people do not love their parents. Why do I stand out?

And you seem to be very concerned about my parents. Care to adopt them? 😉 *giggles*

FYI, Islam makes me care and love my parents even more. It has made me more sensitive towards my mom and my parents have noticed that I have mellowed down a lot towards them. Happy? Geeeeeeeeee.. smile! 😀


I am only following. How does my following anything make it extreme? Just because it is not the same as the way others choose to live, how is it extreme as long as it makes me happy and doesn’t harm a third person. If there is freedom of clothing, then my choice is hijab, if there is freedom of livelihood my choice is halal, if there is freedom to worship (or to not worship) my choice is my 5 salah(namaz) offered only to God, if there is freedom of life then this is the way I choose to live.

If you truly believe in living life at your own terms, if you are my well wisher and if you truly believe in being free from oppression, you would want me to be happy and not want me to live according to your notion of “happy”.



**Disclaimer 2: these statements are merely told to add humour/ sarcasm. They are not meant to be taken seriously or personally. Any offence is not intentional. I am not a dog killer, animal welfare please spare me! 😉 neither is there meant to be any threat to anyone in any of the answers. May good sense prevail.


Liebster Again! :-)


Yay yay yay!  Liebster it is again. My dear friend, sister and co-blogger Shaqeena Rahim has nominated this one for me. Her blog is cool and made with absolute love. She is a fashion stylist and has a lot to share with you! Thank you so much for nominating me 🙂

I am overwhelmed and very excited! As I have told a number of times, I enjoy getting nominated so this one too has made me very happy.

The Official Rules Of The Liebster Award 

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3. answer 11 questions about yourself, which will be provided to you by the person who nominated you.

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7. list these rules in your post (You can copy and paste from here.) Once you have written and published it, you then have to:

8. Inform the people/blogs that you nominated that they have been nominated for the Liebster award and provide a link for them to your post so that they can learn about it (they might not have ever heard of it!)


Why did you start blogging?

Out of complete boredom. College was over, was yet to find work, was scared , timid and had nothing to do. That’s how I penned down my first post. The response overwhelmed me and slowly I jotted down successive posts and published them. As time passed, I started enjoying it and now I blog seriously! 😀

What is your dream career?

Maybe doing something related to speaking and writing. Getting into dawah work or teaching deen. Before that of course I wish to perfect my knowledge of Islam. Maybe one day publish a book in shaa Allah.

Who is your inspiration?

These questions are making me think! I think the stories of sahabas inspire me a lot. The love they held for the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) and their commitment towards Islam.

What would your dream writing office look like?
Wow that is a good question. Now that I sit and imagine. It is a flawless white room, (I would prefer it to be a study in my own house) with a lot of books arranged neatly in shelves. There is huge glass door that my table faces which opens into a beautiful unending green woods. It is a cool and airy room. A huge laptop/ desktop and a couple of notepads on the table.


Do you prefer to write in the morning, or at night?

I write whenever I am bored to the core! Haha. Most of my posts are a product of no work in office! I used to have so much time to think! After I get something to write, I used to simply laze in my workstation, type it out and post it.

Now since I am home, I type some at night before sleeping and some in the day when am done with my chores!

What is your favorite dessert?

I have a crazy sweet tooth. My friends actually bribe with sweets me to do errands! 😉 *embarrassed*  I crave for all Indian sweets. Especially the ones that are milk based. So we have ras malai, halwas, gulab jamuns, jalebi, chamcham, rasgulla, kheer, kalakandh etc.!

Trust me there are at least 50 more in the list which I am unable to remember!


If you could pick up and move anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Mecca Mecca Mecca! After that… Take me for an African wildlife Safari!

What is your guilty pleasure?

Food and sleep. I am a sleepaholic. I can sleep too much!

High heels or flat shoe?

Medium wedges.

If you were to be a color, what color would you be?

I would be a rainbow! 😀


And why?

When I wish, wish large! Why choose 1 when there are so many. I love colours
Especially bright and vibrant shades. They simply make you happy. So whether it is walls, curtains, sheets or clothes I like it bright and simple.

Describe your style in 3 words.

SIMPLE       with a smile….

Amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed answering them. Now I have to tell 11 random facts about myself. They are going to be really random. So much that as I am typing this statement, I do not know what my first fact should be. Here we go…..

1) I ……. (5minutes passed)

I am enjoying being off work, at home and being lazy.

2) I surprise myself each time I write an emotional blog. My friends who know me personally wonder what part of me writes them. I am funnier, happier and wittier than what my blog represents me to be. Or so I believe (Alhamdulillah)

3) I am in search of the perfect groom. 😛  though I am not really looking

4) I have no clue about where life is going and what I want in life. The most zombie headed person I am I guess. Neither do I have a firm plan. Yes I am 23 and clueless

5) I have a handful of friends whom I love and cherish.

6) I eat according to my whims. I hate it when I want to eat less, there are eyes staring my platter to comment that I am dieting. Also I hate it when I reach out for that butter naan and there’s a gasp about me having so much butter! The one time I ate triple the quantity biryani in office, it was news amongst my peers for a long time. Ha ha. I just wish that people let me eat without comments. :-/ haha. Wish I could be invisible while eating.

7) I spend a lot of time on my phone. Sometimes it is excess. Many are mistaken that I am WhatsApp/ Chatting all the time. The fact is most of the time I am either reading something (a blog, an islamic ruling, a story, a problem, a research, an indian law, self help pages, a story, a joke etc.) or I am writing something.

8) I cannot bear heat at all. I dislike summers to the core. That’s why I like being indoors all afternoon and cannot survive without a high speed fan 24×7. I keep the fan on even in winters!

9) I love staring outside my window. Just randomly for long.

10) I was acting like my mom today afternoon and annoying her. Reiterating her statements to her 😀 geeeee! “Offo.. 60 years old you are almost and still one plate you cannot keep properly!”

She tells this to me, “offfooo 25 year old you are now and one work you cannot do. I am tired of you!”. Haha. She could not suppress her laughter. Please note the addition of 2 years in age. I don’t understand why she does that.

11) I am more of a countryside person than a city person

Random facts!


1) The one thing that you wish to achieve in your life? What is stopping you from getting it?

2) Who is the person closest to your heart and what is that one quality in him/her that you love the most? (Living person preferably)

3) One skill you wish you had and one thing you already have in yourself that you are proud of.

4) Do you consider yourself spiritual or moderately spiritual or not spiritual?

5) Your favourite blogger and why? You may name two so that I fit in too 😉

6) One thing about your country that you would like to change.

7) Your thought of an ideal life in this dunya.

8) Would you forgive someone who has immensely hurt you in exchange for him/ her being your neighbour in jannah?

9) The three most beautiful names that you have heard.

10) What is the genre you like to read?

11) The One question you hate answering. 😉



Congratulations! I look forward to your answers. Please accept and notify me when you post your Liebster!