my journey as a revert muslimah



After writing Ten Things What Reverts Get to Hear, I thought of penning down the curious case of new muslimahs or secretly revert muslimahs. How are they different from other practising muslims or reverts? Well, with a few only their family knows about their reversion (not disclosed to distant relatives or family friends; and they are facing family/ societal pressures), wherein with some even family does not know yet.

So here we go with the wierd things we do!


Give me a high five if you have experienced this. Even if your parents know, it is extremely awkward to pray in front of them. It is equally awkward to express the urgency to suddenly leave the conversation because it is Maghreb! Then there is the question of “why would you not leave the house at 5pm?”

-“ummm because I will end up missing both Asr and Maghreb!” (In my head) but my tongue says, “mum it’s so sunny outside, lets go after sunset”

*curious mum goes away.


So, you have your websites for science project open in one tab and the one behind has Islamic websites. You want to learn salah, arabic, clothing, about Prophets (alayhis salam), sahabas etc. You carefully erase the history each day so that your sibling doesn’t find that out or they don’t freak out thinking that you learning about terrorism. Nearly every thing you do that has arabic connected to it, is looked as a code language to communicate with Terrorist groups. :-/

Oh those Islamic books you ordered from some website, right from secretly receiving it, to sporting a casual look while collecting it until hiding it everyday can sure be a task! There are so many books that I was so busy hiding that I actually forgot to read them properly!


Most often, every muslim who learns that you have reverted welcomes you whole heartedly. You meet their mom, dad, sister and every pious friend of theirs to ensure that you don’t fall lonely in this new role.

It feels warm and only reverts know how soothing it is to have even one muslim as a close confidant. Better even, if you know a few more reverts in your community who know exactly what you feel. They become your special friend and without a lot of efforts, your contact list suddenly has a lot of muslim names. Ahana, Aliya, Ameera, Aasma, Bushra, Bushra SA, Alima Farah, Apa Ayesha , Sanaa Revert, Prerna Revert, etc.

With some, they are soon made a part of WhatsApp groups so that they learn more! In there you even get contacts from other nations. Khadijah UK, Zeenath Pak, Alfiyah Ind etc.

Suddenly you start basking in the sunshine of muslim brotherhood but you become creepier with your phone. You avoid using WhatsApp before your other friends or family. You hide notifications, mute the groups and keep your phone screenside down always! God save you from that suspicious stare if at all your father is using the phone and up pops a notification, “Raziya UAE posted in Deeniyat group ابتث……”
As I said, anything having arabic text is possibly from Terrorist groups.


Right from how the Quranic verse describes the hijab to learning how to wear to choosing the right material. A new muslimah wants to know it all. Trust me it was not a one day job. It took me months to get it right.

The slipping chiffon and the woolen stoles in Indian tropical summers! I went through it all. Managing with the few scarves that you have, unorganized and unmatched hijabs, hair peekaboo-ing from weird angles, wrong pins drilling holes in the hijab! I had almost 7 to 10 pins on my head! Haha. Only much later did I meet another hijabi sister who helped me with skull-caps, bands, pins, the right material and the easy way to drape it. Now I am fine with just 1 pin. Alhamdulillah.


The ones who don’t wear it, learn about it and dream of wearing it one day and those who do, practically dealing with it is a task without a mentor. 🙂


Those who do not help their moms in grocery shopping would not even be aware whether the meat in their homes is halal are not. In India particularly, I have not even seen the trend of packaged meat being tagged as halal. You actually have to call up customer care or ask the store dealer about it. Best I feel is to avoid them.

For those who know that it is not halal, it is a task to avoid eating them. My mother gasped when I declared I have turned into a fish-eatarian. (Yes, I agree I have put my mother into a lot of trauma).

Another way round for meat lovers is to perhaps hunt for halal brands or find a muslim butcher in their locality and personally take up buying meat every time!

Oh, and of course how do I forget Pammi aunty forcefully serving ounces of chicken chunks on your plate when you go over to her place for dinner, “Arre beta, why eating so less?”


When time comes for you to start looking for job, you really cannot tell your start detesting filling forms. Until you are not a muslim on paper, your forms always have your birth religion in the religion section. Be assured to be questioned about it if you go with your muslim look for interviews. Worse even, if you are not working in halal sectors, or your degree has ample opportunities in not-so-halal companies.


It is Ramadan! The most spiritual month of the year. There’s so much to do and out here you are struggling to even fulfill the obligatory part of fasting. Alhamdulillah, for those who stay away. It is weird of course, if your friends don’t know and you suddenly skip going to the canteen! Even funnier if you are a hogger like me who suddenly doesn’t feel hungry or have the appetite to have anything 🙂


So at home, you hide food to have later during iftar. Sometimes under the bed or in your wardrobe and then lock your door and relish your lunch. Then of course, perhaps you save something for suhoor and for those who stay in hostels, water and biscuits is your suhoor.


Now you want to adhere by the Islamic dress code. You wish to be more modest and it is quite contrary to your culture. Moreover, you wonder what you must do with you old clothes.

It again took me a while to make my wardrobe adhering to Islamic code completely. Like many, I had thought I would have to give away many clothes but I did not have to. Alhamdulillah. My sister (the one who helped me with hijab) helped me with this too. Buying a shrug and black undersleeves was sufficient to retain most of my clothing. Gradually, I added a few skirts and jackets to my wardrobe too. Alhamdulillah.

Now those whose parents are aware of their reversion, face a lot of rebellion regarding their hijab. My parents, for example, insist on me wearing it the Hindu way (single drape) instead of draping it again and no band inside to attract attention please. Ahem. To keep it afix, I had to push the hijab pin near my throat! Lethally hijabi, I must say 🙂


For some hijabi muslimahs, who wear the hijab outside houses (when they go for jobs or travel), problem arises when guests come home. Parents do not wish to be embarrassed by disclosing the reversion, so you either stand in the balcony for those hours, or locked in a room, washroom or terrace.

Those whose parents don’t know, they also go through the curious stares when they undo their abayas/ scarves before entering their society, building, or homes just to enter their homes as they left.


Reality shows, advertisment, music channels, the not x-rated x movies, name it and its right there in your hallway. You walk upto the fridge, lower your gaze and wish you could lower your ears too! 😉

You don’t want to go for a hang out in that pub anymore, nor do you wish to go for all the movies all the time. Creepy and boring.


That is the gala thing in our lives everyday. Avoiding ceremonies, eating food in which name other gods and goddesses associated with Allah is blown, and more than anything witnessing it. We have to stand right there and save ourselves. In our heads, we are in the state of absolute emergency! Frenzy and applying every means to flee!


This is a bonus point to cheer you up. Not everything is haywire. If your parents are early risers like mine, and if you have been sleeping like a log uptil 10am like me, then their eyeballs sure will pop out when you walk out of your room fresh and shining as they are just out of their bed!

😀 You are done with brushing, and perhaps had something to satisfy your  morning hunger pangs!


No. Don’t feel sad for us. Make duaa. It never seemed too hard. The only thing I guess gets really tough and tiring is to abide by the dress code! Alhamdulillah, Allah makes a way out for everyone. Patience and prayer is the key as usual. As time passes, we learn more and with that we laugh as we share our experiences. Indeed, in remembrance of Allah doth the heart find peace. 




  1. Alhamdulilah!!! Thinking of standing in your boots, I feel how hard to pass a each day as a revert Muslim…you are so strong. May Allah azza wajal ease you sister… Pray for me too sister…

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  2. ayeshasoni says:

    Oh Allah!! All that and so much more every single day. Without righteous friends around, life is tough even though it might seem okay on the outside. Yes we are supposed to stay patient and get used to it but then a little companionship really does wonders. So Jazakillah Khair my sister. May Allah bless you with everything best in dunya and akhirah. Ameen

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  3. “You carefully erase the history each day so that your sibling doesn’t find that out or they don’t freak out thinking that you learning about terrorism.”

    Strangely enough, your family would have no such worries should you be studying Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism or any other religion. Could this concern about Islam have anything to do with its 1400-year old campaign of terror and conquest of other cultures perhaps? Or the 26,000+ Islamic terrorist attacks since 2001* alone?

    * see the ‘religion of peace’ website.

    This comradeship and prayer bit of Islam is lovely. It’s a pity to say the least that most of Islamic scriptures are political, supremacist and violent against non-believers.


    • .

      اللهمَ اجْعَلْنِى خَيْرًا مِمَّا يَظُنُّونَ وَاغْفِرْ لِى مَا لَا يَعْلَمُونَ وَلَا تُؤَاخِذْنِى بِمَا يَقُولُون

      O Allah, make me better than what they think of me, and forgive me for what they do not know about me, and do not take me to account for what they say about me


      🙋Hey! Hope you are in good health and mood.

      Well brother ( I take the liberty to assume that you are a male. Apologies if otherwise), this post was merely a satirical post and it would be best if it was taken that way. 🙂 No issues, after viewing your blog I do realise you are not the humorous sort. To each its own. I respect your nature. You are my reader and have the freedom to grasp my post however you like. 😯

      I shall be dealing with your points one by one, so I request patience as I know it is going to be a long one.

      Firstly, my family. I am in awe that you claim to know my family so well that you actually deciphered what they would have thought about other religions! (Were you my dad’s classmate?)😂 Lol. Sorry. Forgot. NO HUMOR! Much to your disappointment, all my parents were worried about after they came to know about my faith was how I will deal with racists. Since there are many instances around the world where civil Muslims sporting beard or wearing the hijab are randomly abused verbally and physically. As for my parents, no they don’t have any better opinion about any other religion than they do about Islam. They are in true sense secular people and I am blessed to have them as my family. They gave me a good patient hearing without any prejudices and understood the beauty of Islam. My parents are kind and generous people, we earnestly do not believe in slandering and demeaning anyone based on their race, religion, caste, creed and ethnicity. :)I am sure brother, that gives you peace.

      Of course, you are right when you say that every practising Muslim around the world is facing a lot of slander, abuse and humiliation because of some elements in society who partake in terrorist activities and involve the name of Islam in it. Do you know the ratio these people form? The world has approx 1.5 billion Muslims, and these extremists are not even 0.1% of this population. Yet more than 99.9% Muslims have to bear the consequences. In fact, if see the ratio of Muslim VICTIMS , in Gaza, Burma(rohingya), Kabul etc., who are under constant threat of death at the hands of “other communities” , they are a much larger section.

      Is it even fair? Does every christian, Buddhist, Hindu or Sikh bear the consequence of crimes and terror attacks that criminals of those religion do? Haven’t there been Hindu induced riots in India? Aren’t criminals supposed to retards and lunatics? Does killing anyone ever make sense? These are politically motivated acts brother. Please, as a civilian do not get involved.

      There are so many Christian/ Hindu/Buddhist/Sikh blogs and so many anti Islam blogs out there. I do not go about commenting there and humiliating people if I don’t like them. I ignore them. You know why? Because Islam does not permit me to be hurtful. It tells me God is watching you and HE knows your motives. My religion permits me to tell good about Islam but does not permit me to speak bad about the other one’s religion. That’s why, I restrained myself today from linking pages and news reports which covered crimes and attacks by Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs. Simply because I cannot allow those criminals/ terrorist to tar my opinion about that particular community. That is my LOGIC and COMMON SENSE.

      Dear brother, it is sad that out of all websites you chose that website to learn about Islam. You know best why you chose that website, but I believe if you really honestly wanted to learn about Islam you would genuinely want to read about the other side too. Not just like that is Islam the fastest growing religion in the world. By 2050 we are estimated to be the majority and maximum conversions to Islam happen in the West.

      Kindly remember there are websites propagating anti feelings for every religion. If I choose to learn about other faiths from those websites, I can easily prove that those scriptures too propagate violence by cherry picking verses in which death, murder, kill, or war is mentioned. Nevertheless, I do not wish to promote those websites nor do I want my blog page to be a place where bitterness is spread. Islam doesn’t permit me that.

      You choose to read things against Islam to satisfy your beliefs about it.

      Also brother, forgive me, but today you are the one here propagating hate and disharmony. A look at your blog reflects very negative feelings and I am sure it is not your religion or scriptures which advice you to do that. Rather, your religion must be asking you to be kind and loving towards everyone. A true Muslim loves people of all faiths. We love Jesus Abraham Moses Joseph David Solomon Jacob everyone. They are all beloved prophets loved and praised in Islam 🙂 Their words, sermons and values are lofted high in islam. 🙂

      To be honest, when I read your comments, I was hurt and upset. For the first time in my life have I faced racist comments brother. This comment from a Hindu to their muslim daughter will definitely scare my hindu parents and upset them. I showed it to a few muslim sisters, who asked me not to reply in hurt or anger. Rather I must think what our Prophet would do if you told him the same. Indeed, I am thinking ten times after every sentence fearing that I don’t hurt you or offend you even a bit. Because that is not how a Muslim should behave. A true Muslim is always kind and sweet. Thank you for this experience for I shall learn with every such experience. Next time I face such comments, I shall be stronger 😁 💪

      Thus, if I have hurt you in any manner, do understand that I am a human and carry a faulty ego. The Muslim in me apologises for every harsh word.

      I would request u to not follow that website. That website has cherry picked verses from the Quran out of context. To help you understand (and if you wish to be a fair unjudgmental person), I am linking a few videos that will explain you those verses of violence better. Please view

      1) Quran Says: Kill Them Where You Find Them??:

      2) – Does Quran and Islam say kill Jews, Christians an…:

      3) Quran says to kill them wherever you find them! -…:

      4) Quran says “Kill the disbelievers wherever you fi…:

      You may please watch lectures of the above speakers to learn more about Islam. Dr. Zakir Naik is good in comparative religion. You may please watch his debates

      Lastly, you must definitely condemn all terrorist activities. Irrespective of whether a person with a Muslim name, christian name, Buddhist, Hindu or Sikh name does it; you must condemn it but as a human, do not involve and question civilians for it. Every Muslim out there is not ignorant. Rather they are well read about the Quran and strive to follow it. Not everyone will be able to absorb the harsh words. I am sure you are a soft hearted person and your intent was not to hurt anyone ☺. You sure wouldn’t want someone to be the victim of your words right?

      Also brother, if your intention to follow my blog is to criticize Islam here and debate then kindly do not do that. But if your intention is to read my experiences and view my life as a revert to Islam you are most welcome to view my page .

      My sincere prayers are for your well being and guidance. My sisters in Islam are supplicating for your heart’s ease too.


      – just another humble revert muslimah

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    • Also another food for thought brother , if Islamic scriptures actually were political, supremacist and violent against nonbelievers, do you really think I (being born as a nonbeliever) would actually accept this faith? Especially when I dotingly love my nonbeliever parents, do you think me a hardcore practising Muslim and in love with Quran would peacefully live with my parents and take care of them in old age?

      Fyi, today I know at least 20- 30 convert/ revert Muslim women in India itself. And no, none of us have boyfriends or aspire to marry a Muslim beforehand. Each one read to believe If you look at revert groups in social networking sites, there are thousands like that.

      The story is the same. Each one read the Quran and fell in love with it. How can a violent thing be so loved? Therefore brother, please do not read about any religion from a hate website. Educate yourself well. Perhaps if you read the real thing you will also fall in love with it. 🙂

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      • How can a violent thing be so loved? That’s the $64M question. I have studied the Koran and Mo’s life. Indeed I’ve written a book (How to defeat the Islamic State). I’m glad you enjoy the peaceful part of Islam, but unless you are deaf dumb and blind, you cannot avoid the fact that much of the Koran is about killing and subjugating non-Muslims, just as we see today in most of the world’s trouble spots. Try chapter ‘9’.


      • Hello sir,😀

        When I read your comment yesterday, I thought you must be of my age- 24/25 year old. But I visited your website today and saw your photo. You seem to be somewhere around 50( apologies if you are younger and you have all rights to be happy if older). That’s almost my parents’ age. I feel sorry and unhappy for you that at this age you are carrying so much hatred and negativity with you . I pray that at least sometime ahead in your life, you experience true love and affection. I hope all bitterness moves away from your life.

        “How can a violent thing be so loved”. Well, sir that was again written in a oxymoronish humorous sarcastic tone. But it is my mistake. I forgot that you don’t take humour and thus again you took it in the literal sense. What I meant is that when every year tens of thousands of wise, sensible and educated individuals are accepting Islam after reading the Quran, it is a proof that it is a book of love and mercy. They are all independent, smart and intelligent open minded people, wise enough to choose the correct copy of the Quran. I hope that answers the $64M question. 😱

        I also feel sad for you that you invested so much time and efforts to write a book which in spite of my best efforts, I could not find a mention of uptil the 7th page of google search engine.😕. My school friend, just like that, wrote a story and got it published. Even that hit crossword bookshelves for a couple of months and if I type the name of the book, it produces a good 3 page search engine result with her name and reviews 😯. In my utmost humility i have to break the news to you sir, that it is a proof that very few on earth want to read a book like that whose name in itself reflects hate. How can a book of hate ever defeat a book of love? 😇

        Sir, I am also very disappointed to note and mention that you have completely ignored and not bothered to read my humble reply of yesterday. (I wonder how to say you studied the Quran when I find you not able to grasp a simple answer of a 24 year old). I gave you four links sir to view. Those links explain whether the Quran really tells Muslims to kill non believers. Had you watched them, you would not have asked me to try chapter 9. Those videos would have answered you. I believe, you are not here to listen or to discuss or seek answers, you are simply here to initiate a controversial monologue against Islam (there is no dialogue or discussion here).

        I would like to correct your statement of “enjoying the peaceful part”, with ” I enjoy the peaceful whole”. I am sorry to say, but you do not speak like a person who has “studied” the Quran. At the most I will consider accepting that you have read about the Quran from the hate websites that you choose to read to satisfy your pre-conceived notions about Islam. Because if you would have studied the Quran, you would never have put chapter 9 of the Quran of all the chapters.

        Chapter 9 sir, is a chapter which has covered a duration of war. Like we have the Mahabharata? The war epic. Wasn’t Arjuna guided by Sri Krishna to fight in the war and kill? Should I cherry pick only those verses where pandavas killed kauravas one by one and ignore the rest of the content? No. There is something called as the CONTEXT OF THE VERSE- and learning that, dear sir, is called studying.

        Let me explain what I mean by cherry picking with an example.

        Verse 1- Mr Arjuna and Sudhir are very kind and noble men.
        Verse 2- they are best friends
        V 3- One day they are walking down the road
        V4- Suddenly one Mr Ahmed comes from the adjacent lane and pounces on Mr Arjuna
        V5- Mr Ahmed overpowers Mr Arjuna and beats him black and blue
        V6- Mr Sudhir is in a hysteria.
        V7- Mr Sudhir passes a dagger to Mr Arjuna
        V8- Mr Sudhir commands, ” Arjun kill that Muslim”
        V9- Mr Arjuna kills that Muslim
        V10- Mr Arjuna is happy and relieved

        Now in this entire paragraph, I will ignore the context and quote only V8, V9 and V10. I will cherry pick them and tell everyone that Sudhir and Arjuna are such violent racists. Look he told him to kill and Arjuna killed ! Does it make sense?

        Similarly , chapter 9 is about the battle of Tabbuk. And sir, it is a battle where Muslims were ATTACKED by non believers. Muslims were the DEFENSIVE PARTY. It is in this defensive context that this chapter speaks.

        Chapter 9 is called Surah At Taubah. You may please read the context and background of it here-

        Also sir, when you actually feel like actually studying about the background of various chapters of Quran please read it from . You will gain nothing by asking a novice like me about the noble Quran. Everytime I read it I just fall more and more in love with it. Thank you for forcing me to read this chapter in detail. After I read about it, I am even more in love with the kindness of Allah and his mercy. I am even more in awe of the Prophet’s ( salallahu alayhi wasallam) soft heart and character. 🙆

        Here is the android app of the above commentary

        Also sir, I am giving you the link of one of the most famous preachers in Islam , Ustadh Noman Ali Khan. It is a link to his audio app and he has done a wonderful job explaining every chapter of the Quran one by one and more. Thus, if you are truly interested in studying the Quran from true scholars, this is your gateway.

        I do not wish to hurt you sir, but sometimes I feel sir, that you are scared of reading/ viewing the links I share with you. The preachers of Islam are such noble and calm people. They explain the beauty of Quran with such ease. I feel you are scared that your prejudices will be shaken and shattered. Kindly do not lie that you have studied the Quran and the biography of the Prophet. Every Muslim reading this comment of yours will understand that because your words are evidence in themselves. Kindly, humble yourself and actually study about Islam before attacking civilians like me.

        Please like this time, do not reply before READING AND UNDERSTANDING my answer. That INCLUDES VIEWING/READING/LISTENING THE LINKS I HAVE PROVIDED in this answer and the last.

        Also, I have provided you with enough good speakers who are my guide in Islam. Yusuf Estes, mufti menk, Ustadh Noman Ali khan, Hamza Tzortes, Maulana Tareeq Jameel, Dr zakir Naik, etc. are only a few. You may directly view their lectures instead of asking me anything. About the Quran especially, the audio app of ustadh Nouman Ali Khan is very good. About biography of Prophet (saw), you may hear it from Mufti Menk.

        All the verses and chapters you have doubts about, simply find the lecture of any of the above scholars on it and listen to it. I am sure you will have your true answer to what Quran says and why. After you are done with it, you may say the you have studied the Quran truly. 😁

        This page is not for your monologue about Islam. Your own blog is more than required space for it. This is the last hate comment from you that I am entertaining sir. Please do not mind if I block and mark spam you after this. The more you throw hate, the more people will read my replies and you never know, they might find the true Islam from here.

        I only pity people who are emoluments of unhappiness and negativity. The most they hurt is themselves. I am hopeful for you sir.
        Thank you, for you really forced me to learn a lot more about Islam. There is a huge difference in what I was two days back and what I am today. I am better versed with chapter 9 and I love Islam even more .

        Take care. May you have a life of love. May you find peace in your heart. May you finally find the religion of peace.

        Good bye!

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      • IRM, I am astounded at your intelligent and scholarly reply and would very much wish to continue respectful discourse if you would wish to contunue. I feel that a full and frank discussion with you would be highly valuable. In love and peace, AJ


      • It is barely a couple of minutes that i posted such a lengthy answer. As usual Arjuna sir, you have again not bothered to read my answer. All you want in the name of frank and full discussion is to argue, fight and provoke a bitter fight.

        I will repeat myself
        1)READ MY REPLIES.


        3) At the least Do not come back to this page UNTIL U HAVE READ THE LINK OF CHAPTER 9 I gave you, AND


        This will take you at least a year. I do not expect you to come back before that.

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      • I just think it all depends on the perception habibty. You see what you are. People with violent streal will love to speak all about violence. I do not think we need to justify our faith to anyone who picks “violence” from Chapter 9 while ignores Chapter 1 to 114. I mean what does that say about the person? May Allah guide them

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      • I appreciate your support and kindness my beloved. Indeed, blessed are the ones who invite mercy in their lives..and the mercy of The Greatest. Ameen to your duas. May every deviant be guided to this Mercy. Ameen.

        Jazakiallah khair ❤ love u😘

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  4. Assalamualaikum warahmattullah wabarkatuh. Sister your deen and emaan is so strong. I am so proud of you. Actually I am happy and proud for all those people whether they are revert or born Muslims the efforts and struggles that they put to obey our Lord Allah and to follow the sunnah ways. I always look forward to your posts. Your posts are so much inspiring. May Allah bless you and the beleivers always. Jazak Allah khair for your post.


    • wa alai kumus salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh sister. I am so happy to read your comment. Jazakillah khair for sharing your thoughts. You are an inspiring blogger too dearest. Every effort is counted. May Allah always reward you with better. Ameen ❤

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  5. Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullah, We would like to publish this amazing post on our website in the reverts secion. Please give us the permission to do so. And also if you would like to get any of your articles published on our website please visit : we are planning to create a complete support system for new muslims through our reverts program by sharing the stories of other reverts, their struggles and how they cope up with it, things they need when they take the leap of faith. Till now we have only published one two articleslike yours and a few stories but with the help of people like you we want to create a proper support system any new muslim can rely on. May Allah bless you and Grant you highet ranks in Jannah


    • wa alai kumus salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

      please feel free to publish any post of mine that you like and find appropriate. I will be more than happy to help and support new muslims like me.

      May you be rewarded for your sincere efforts, Jazakallah Khair

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  6. Assalaamu `alaykum! Great list, I really enjoyed it. Really brought me back to the days after I secretly reverted and had to hide it from my super-Christian, pork-loving mother! Keep up the good work bi idhnIllah (deen-wise and blog-wise)!


  7. Uni says:

    I’m bowled over by what new Muslims/Muslimahs go through. Alhamdulillah this made me realize how Allah has Made it easy for me to practice Islam always and I should be a much much better Muslim than this and use the opportunity well. Jazakillah khair for making me realize that and for having sabr during tough times. Allah surely Makes a way out for everybody who stays firm on the right path and has sabr.


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  8. Sister Assalam’Alaikum ( السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته). I am a born Muslimah and I had never known such challenges lie for reverts Muslimahs. Jazaka’Allah Khair ( جزاك اللهُ خيراً) so much for sharing. May Allah (SWT) ( الله سُبْحَانَهُ وتَعَالَى) help you and all brothers and sisters in Islam. Aameen.

    There are few challenges that also Muslim born Muslimahs face (weird but unfortunately true) 1) hijab- not all Muslims like/accept hijab 2) halal meat – I know eating halal is mandatory, but unfortunately many people push that aside 3) prayers – you must have witnessed it yourself 4) entertainment- many Muslims feel that where life is whether it’s shopping, movies, music, or social parties.

    In my family the challenge, which still it is today is hijab. I am the only girl and I started doing hijab. At first my family members thought I would stop wearing after a while, but Alhumdulillah I have stuck to it and now they stopped complaining, especially my brothers.

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    • و عليكم اسلام و رحمة الله و بركاته

      Indeed my dear sister. I know the world is a trial for every practising muslim, irrespective of whether they are born to muslim parents or not.

      My series called “the flip side” was actually dedicated to born muslims who face challenges from parents or society. I am so happy for you that you made choices for Allah alone. In Shaa Allah you will be rewarded in plentiful. Jazakillah khair for reading and sharing your thoughts.


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  9. secrethijabis says:

    As Salaamu Alaykum,

    Sister I can def relate as a revert to these things many things are sooo akward at first like when the time of prayer comes and your speaking to someone omg praying in front of others is awks! Lol MashAllah another great post ♡♡♡

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    • Wa alai kumus salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

      Aha! I am so happy to read this. Haha. Yes, I understand how weird things are st times. Even till date I feel awkward when I am around non muslims and there is some religious obligation I have to perform. Alhamdulillah, may Allah make all such scenarios easy for you and may you always be steadfast (me too).

      Jazakillah khair for reading.
      Lots of love 🌸 🌸 🌸


  10. Now, I know the struggle of Muslim Reverts, masha’Allah! I really admire their faith, (including you, my lovely sister). May Allah strengthen your iman and bless your life entirely! Luv you fillah! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  11. ما شاء الله
    I’m a revert also and I can honestly say that I never had to go through that kind of hardship; I think one of the reasons being my parents practiced no religion and I was living on my own when I accepted Islam. We live in two very different cultures and after reading this I have a lot of respect for you and your struggle; and its that struggle which brings about the sweetness of eeman. May Allah accept this effort and keep you stead fast and patient. اللَّهُم آمين


  12. Alhamdhulilah! For all your struggle, Insha Allah you’ll be blessed with extra reward. I hope your parents convert too. I would pray that you inspire more to revert. Love you for the shake of Allah dear. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Fateema Abdullah says:

    Asalam Alaykum sister. I really was not aware of what reverts could go through, it totally makes me realie that what is simple for me might not be simple for someone else. After reading this article, I am conscious that what I take for granted is a blessing and that I should stop complaining. May Allah gives strength and patience to all of us in every difficulty


    • Wa alai kumus salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. Our Prophet (salallahu alayhi Wasallam) has told that when it comes to deen, we must look upto the ones who are above us and in everything else, we must look at the ones who have less than us so that we do not complain. Each of us has her own story, own battle ajd own tests from Allah. Only Allah knows best about that. Alhamdulillah, it is only good imaan that brings such realisation and helps us improve always. May you always be steadfast, and a beautiful servant of Allah as you are ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  14. izza ifzaal says:

    Ameen sumameen! You are courageous mashaaAllah! and Allah is GREAT for helping us all in every difficulty of life! 🙂 Take care! God bless! xx


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