my journey as a revert muslimah

There will be times when you will be in two minds,times that you will stagger.

Moments when you sit alone introspecting your choice

Those moments when you shall try to understand what future holds but the view will only be blurry.

You think and strive, hoping things to ease maybe not so scary,

You may heave a sigh, for you know that only He knows what future holds. You will smile at this realisation.

You didn’t even know a year back, that this day you would be sitting here and thinking this.

Everyday unfolds as a new chapter and when you close your eyes everyday, you amaze yourself at your performance for that day.

Good or bad, you survived another day.
Tomorrow can be better In shaa Allah.

Remind yourself that you are not alone. Console yourself for only you can.

These tears that you shed, will be counted.
For these tears you shed for His love.

He is counting every drop that drips down your lids. He knows your pain even before you express it.

This walk of life, is one that you have to walk alone.
People will come but people will go too. They have their own walks  too.

Don’t think the one ahead is any less grieved.
He has his share of tests too.

Cherish the pain that you carry, and ask for reward in exchange.
A reward that shall be sweet, a reward that shall be eternal.

In a land where all pain, all sorrow shall cease.
In a land where time forever shall freeze.



For the soul in despair…


27 thoughts on “For the soul in despair…

  1. Of course you’ve heard of the saying: where there is a will, there is a way. As cliché as it sounds, the reality is: nothing will change unless you decide to take action.  to be active, you will be active and nothing will stop you in sha Allah. Just take the decision not to surrender to your desires, make du’aa to Allah to help you stick to your decision and watch how everything will go as you wish and even better, in sha Allah!

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  2. Man like Zak says:

    SubhanAllah I would say the only difference between me and the poem is I am usually in at least five minds. The truth of it is then and now, so much has changed for the better. May Allah increase your clarity.

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    • The Comforting words of Allah during hardships and trials

      The Comforting words of Allah during hardships and trials

      Verily, with the hardship,
      there is relief
      (i.e. there is one hardship with two reliefs, so one hardship cannot overcome two reliefs). 

      “Peace unto you for that ye persevered in patience! Now how excellent is the final home!”
      Excellent indeed is the final home!” [ Ar-Rad 13:24]

      “…Do not regard it an evil to you;
      nay, it is good for you….” 

      “…So put your trust (in Allaah)
      if ye are indeed believers.” 

      “O ye who believe!
      Seek help in steadfastness
      and prayer.
      Lo! Allaah is with the steadfast.” 

      “And certainly,
      We shall test you with something
      of fear, hunger, loss of wealth, lives and fruits,
      but give glad tidings to As-Sabirin (the patient ones, etc.).
      Who, when afflicted with calamity,
      say: “Truly! To Allaah we belong
      and truly, to Him we shall return.” 

      “And He will provide him
      from (sources)
      He never could imagine.
      And whosoever puts his trust in Allaah,
      then HE will suffice him.
      Verily, Allaah will accomplish his purpose.
      Indeed Allaah has set a measure for all things.” 

      “Verily We have created man
      into toil and struggle.” 

      “Say: “Nothing shall ever happen to us
      except what Allaah has ordained for us.
      He is our Maula (Lord, Helper and Protector).”
      And in Allaah
      let the believers put their trust.” 

      “No kind of calamity can occur,
      except by the leave of Allaah
      And if any one believes in Allaah,
      {Allaah} guides his heart (aright):
      for Allaah knows all things.” 

      “…There did Allaah give you one distress after another
      by way of requital
      to teach you not to grieve
      for that which had escaped you,
      nor for that which had befallen you.
      And Allaah is Well Aware of all that you do.” 


  3. Masha’Allah, It’s awesome, my dear! ❤ You put the beautiful words and great message of your poem! You should write poems more, dear! I loved it! The important thing, we share about Islam as we can in our writing. What do you think about it?


    • As salamu alai kum. Jazakillah khair for reading my sister. In shaa Allah, with your inspiring words I shall try my hand at poetry. Haha. I didn’t know what this genre was since it didn’t look like an article nor was it a proper poem, until a friend told me, “arre it is prose poetry. Publish it”

      Alhamdulillah, I did not my broken words were a form of poetry. 😀 I am glad you liked it.

      Yes indeed, the intention is always to search Allah and reach Him through what we write. The idea always is to help that one soul who is in need and whom any piece of writing moves. Even if one person’s heart is moved and life is touched, I will consider my purpose achieved.

      May Allah always bless you and guide all of us. ❤

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