16 thoughts on “Hibernation!

  1. pray and request the Almighty to soften your dad’s heart. Allah blessed you and you embraced Islam so will your dad one day inshaAllah. Allah is with you and with everyone. Loads of love, blessings, peace and light with wisdom to you my dear ❤

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  2. Assalamu alaikum warehmatullahi wabarakatahu.
    It’s hard to accept that I won’t be getting your post now. I remember some of your post describing about your parents love towards you and your love towards them. Masha Allah all was so intense. May Allah fill their heart again with your love and let them understand how beautiful Islam is and how beautiful there daughter has become after accepting it. Not only you but there are many who are accepting Islam just because it shows the truth. It gives the dignity. It brings you more closer to god.
    Even from a blogger point of view. You are an amazing writer. You have got the talent of inspiring people. I’m sure if your father will read your posts he will tell you to get it published 🙂 . May Allah show you that day as well. Ameen.

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  3. Assalamualaikum dear Misha

    Your blogs are always so heartwarming, beautiful and inspiring. Your hijab story inspired me a lot to wear the hijab and today I am a Hijabi. I thank Allah for bringing such a beautiful and inspiring sister like you in my life. I always wait for your blogs eagerly. But this blog broke my heart. 😞😢😭.

    I want you to continue writing. But I don’t want you to hurt your parents either. Obeying parents is next to worshipping Allah. SubhanAllah….. Islam is so beautiful that values parents so much. May Allah help your parents to see the beauty of this religion. Ameen…..

    Trust me. We can’t afford to loose a potential and inspiring blogger like you.😭😞 Please start writing very soon, but write only if your parents allows you to. This itself is obeying Allah.

    Hope to see you soon dear sis. Take care of yourself and your parents.
    Allah Hafiz.

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  4. Eveline05 says:

    Assalamualaikum Misha…I m gonn miss ur posts..they always managed to strike a chord with me….touched me to my very core…I was anxiously waiting for ur nxt post…😢…plz do come bck soon

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  5. Salaam
    Oh my God I want to cry now. Reading those comments I feel as if my heart has been shattered. I had actually got attached to your lovely soul. I hope you can come back soon.
    But even if you can’t I hope you stay strong. I hope Allah helps you find your way. I shall always pray for you for Allah to make your life easier.
    And I shall miss you.
    I’m sorry I haven’t posted many grandfather folklore 🙂
    But I hope you can be okay.

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  6. Assalamalaikum wa rehmatullahi wa barakatu misha,

    Its really sad to know that your dad don’t want you to write blogs anymore 😦

    After going through so many blogs I finally found the one which I was looking for. Before that I shared my experience with so many muslimahs but none replied. You were the one who listened to me.
    I learned a lot about Islam from you. Your each n Every post here touched my heart and it inspired me a lot and m sure to many other girls whose thinking to revert. Please don’t stop posting your articles, talk to your dad about it again. I hope he will understand (don’t even want u to disobey him).

    I thought your family is supporting you and I was really happy to know that der are still such people in India who don’t think about the ‘society’ thing like we see in many other Indian families..
    As finding Indian reverted muslimahs are tough compared to western countries. And you are doing a great work by giving them emotional support.

    I hope your dad will allow you to write and it would be a great help for many other people like me.
    And I read somewhere “Nothing is more beautiful than a friend/person who helps you in practice your deen”.

    Will miss your posts 😦
    May Allah subhanu wa tala make things easy for yo. Ameen

    Lots of Love ❤


  7. Bushra says:

    Assalamalaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuhu dear Misha! This is really saddening to know. I mean, I don’t exactly know what to say. Mere words wont console you as I know how much you love writing and what effect would a sudden prohibition must be having on you.

    The first blog I read of you was an immediate approach to my heart. It seemed as if you had given words to my own thoughts. Found a soul sister! It aroused my suppressed desire to pen down my thoughts and feelings. But alas! Just a few days passed and this shock.

    A big relief is the fact that you are a very intelligent and strong girl. You will soon carve a way out in sha Allah. And there’s no doubt that your dad is an excellent intellectual as well. Talk it out with him, in a good way, in the best manner, the way Islam requires you to. Im sure he will understand why brilliant girls like you and numerous others opt for Islam despite the accusations attached to it, if you present the real image of it to him in the most beautiful way. He wouldn’t be adamant to deny the wisest decision you made in sha Allah. Meanwhile we will miss your post a lot. 😦 😦 😦


  8. Omg I was actually waiting for your next post 😭 and those amazing stories.
    I m going to miss ur insights but also pray that the ban is lifted sooner than later.

    I hope your dad sees the beauty of Islam that requires us to obey our parents and respect their wishes and also what a great writer you are.

    Asalam alaikum wa rehmatullah wa barakatu!


  9. Assalaamoalaikum wr wb Misha,

    I miss your posts! I pray your dad removes the ban sooner inshaaAllah. I can’t tell you to go against him & restart blogging because I love your posts so much, that would be totally not right. Islam obliges you to respect & be obedient to your parents (the only exception being anything that goes against Islam.). So I pray you are being best to your parents, for that would surely make Allah ta’ala bless you with happiness & infinite blessings.

    But I can’t deny that I miss your posts so very much. So I’ll pray your dad sees how beautiful of a person you are trying to be a beautiful muslimah. I pray you get back sooner ❤

    We all miss you so very much. Come back soon.

    Lots of du'a & love,



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