The Wedding Saga- Part 1

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem


Indians romance their weddings. There is everything that could make people from other parts of the world amazed. They are glamorous, festive, loud, happy, crowded and the people look dropdead gorgeous. Amidst all the cheer and merry, there is are heartbeats.

Yes… Heartbeats- of a bride lost in the crowd trying to see through her future, a mother recalling the day her baby fit into her arms just perfectly, a father failing to understand when his angel grew up and a sibling apprehensive of letting her go. They are there, yet they aren’t really there. Somewhere silently they get breathless. What next?

Yet, there was a wedding… A wedding where there was no glamour,  no pomp, no music, no crowd.. A wedding where there was no mother running around, no father taking care of the guest, no guest bossing for a drink, no sister dressing her up..


This story is about that one wedding. The happiest wedding that could be. A wedding where there was the purest form of love- the love of sisters. Never had I thought I would be soaked in so much love. Never had I thought I could have a normal wedding. In my remotest dream, my marriage was supposed to be a simple marriage in a masjid with perhaps 5 people. Anything more than that would be a blessing. A wedding feast, a wedding gown, family, guests, gifts, merry or food- everything seemed impossible. But it happened.. It happened just as any bride’s dream. A wedding that was “just right”

If you are thinking I am an orphan.. then you need to rethink. I am blessed with two amazing souls as my parents. If you thought I am speaking of a grand wedding and another lavish affair, then let me help you revise… It was the tiniest wedding just how it should be in the sunnah.

So what made it so special? The Barakah.


Barakah in happiness, barakah in piety, barakah in love. There was an overwhelm of emotions. The two days I will never forget. The two days my sisters came together from all over the country just to be with me. Only for me. The two days I felt love. Love for the sake of Allah subhana wa ta’ala.

Yes this wedding is about a bride and a groom who met, liked each other and married. But this one is more about sisters, who met, fell in love and got me married.

Who am I? Who are they? What’s the romance all about?…