Excerpts from my life

The Wedding Saga – Part 2

I don’t know how I was destined to be a part of a wedding so beautiful. Everything was just perfect. When the date was finalized, I freaked out. “Only ten days later!”. That was my first reaction. 

I shoved aside all my dreams of having any celebration. Perhaps that was another sacrifice and test for my after having accepted this deen.

It was so, till I told them. Oh yes! This story is about them. The stories have always been about us. Not the king, not the queen…but the pristinity in the relations for the sake of Allah. My sisters in deen. 

I told them I really needed them. I wanted them to come. It was not an invitation as a guest but a desperate request. I told them I need them by my side as my family. It was a short notice, and tickets would be hard to get. But for them to be there was all I wanted. I didn’t want a lonely wedding.

They are a handful but Alhamdulillah, it amazes me to this day how our hearts bonded. Most of us met virtually and with time Allah azza wajal helped us meet on one occasion or other. Despite the distance, despite the sudden notice, despite all odds each one said yes!

I don’t know how and when they managed to arrange all that they did. How Sana apa managed to plan tiny ceremonies all by herself.. How Afaaf stood by me in a jittery moment..how Ayesha, Zara, Farheen, Pushra, Mehar and Asiyah managed to arranged the tiniest bit of jewelery. I do not know how they did it in just ten days

Two days before my wedding were spent with Sana apa’s home. Those were few of the warmest days I have experienced in my life. Words shall do no justice. It was beginning to feel like a wedding. 
My mehr jewellery had arrived.. It was beautiful. Alhamdulillah. There were clothes lined up, trials on, make up being done, women chatting and laughing.. I was being treated as the bride. πŸ™‚ Then came the most unexpected moment of the day…. 

close your eyes….

I did.

**some ruffling and rumbling **

-open them now

I did

It was this- 

I don’t know whether I deserved it. I wished for it…I dreamt of it.. I had lost hope of anything even close to it.. And here it was spread before me. A moment captured within me for eternity.. And I know, in sha Allah, I’ll see this moment repeat itself when I pass it on to another revert marrying for the sake of Allah. This time I’ll see her well, reminiscing this moment again….

To be continued…


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