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The Plan is Never Our’s..

​In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, The Especially Merciful

I am writing this standing in an alien land, stranded. Its fun in its own way. Husband and I planned a much awaited post-marriage vacation to Srinagar. Bags were packed, mood was set and we were to board our flight from Delhi (200kms from my city). Subhanallah, our flight was canceled. 

Do they not see the birds controlled in the atmosphere of the sky? none holds them up except Allah. Indeed in that are signs for a people who believe.” – Quran (16:79)

It was disappointing, but we had two options, either we could be upset and ruin the vacation or we could do something out of the few days that we have at hand. Husband’s profession doesn’t allow him to take leaves without some struggle 🙂 (He has to works even on Sundays) 

Alhamdulillah, it did not take us long to calm our nerves. A couple of minutes maybe. How beautiful is the matters of a believer. The first thought was to go back to our homes, turn off mobile phones, simply laze the 5 days and vacation there. We trusted the istikhara we made. Indeed, this was better for us. 

The day was branded with more experiences. Husband called a brother we knew and the brother made arrangements for a single room that was next to his paying guest accommodation. We decided to travel by metro to save money, time and to gain my first experience of metro. 

There are times we do not understand why certain things happen with us. Shaikh Uthaymeen used to ask his students to walk barefoot at times. This is so that we do not become vain [1]. Struggles pep you up. They are our opportunity to earn rewards. Rewards that we take ages to earn under normal circumstances. 

So be patient. Indeed, the promise of Allah is truth – Quran 30:60″

Why not soothe your spouse, show a cheerful face and thank him for trying his best to comfort you. When we trust Allah and accept things as His Qadr, amazing thoughts come into your mind. 
Husband was struggling because I was there. Had he been alone, he would’ve been carrying just one bagpack, would’ve flung it onto a local dilapidated bus and rode back home without the fear of being groped. But today, the no-more-bachelor-husband, was stressed. It was going to be hectic. 

So we embarked a three hour journey to the brother’s place. What awaited us was a pleasant surprise. It was a slum. I was amazed how Allah changed our plans within minutes. 

Do we always believe we will have the luxuries that we have now? Is it our’s in the first place? From the comforts of a hotel we were literally sprung into a one roomed home.  

Paper thin walls that seeped in the noises of the rooms closely stacked (or squeezed) next to ours. We could hear television, murmurs, vendors announcing their sale, men boasting about how well the dealt with crooks, toilet flush and all kinds of vehicles down the road. 

You had to sit carefully on the bed lest it would break. The construction was uniquely jugaadu (Indian term for strategic management). Pieces of woods struggling to survive together. The bathroom door had no latch to it and the basins were stained by the mineral deposits. 

It took a while to seep in this view. And Subhanallah we burst into a hearty laughter. How thankless have I been for the comforts I have? Even the freedom to speak aloud is a blessing. Husband and I whispered to communicate all the time. 
Brother was very kind. Cold drink and fruits were served instantly. In the evening we decided to treat ourselves in the restaurant which catered our Nikah meals. The intention was to revive the Nikah taste. 

Upkeeping the Indian tradition, brother and Husband started insisting to pay the bill. Brother won and I messaged his wife that they cheated. Had I known priorly of his intention to pay the bill, I would’ve ordered some kababs, biryani, dessert, drinks, manchurian and tandoor as well.

 Muslim brotherhood never fails to amaze me. People end up doing things that even the closest relatives think twice before doing. Because unlike others, momins know the reward is from Allah. A momin is a servant of Allah. No matter how the place was, but the hospitality we received was five star. 
Green tea served under the instructions of his wife (she was away at her mom’s but was carefully supervising the service). 24×7 unlimited high speed internet was provided. Husband was guided to masjid for Maghreb and Isha. Tea was served with warm momos. 

Early morning our eyes opened to the sound of eggs beating next door. A small push was enough to trip husband down the tiny bed. We got ready in a hush hush and relished having toast, omlettes, jam, tea and  my green tea again. 

As we left the place, we felt enriched. Enriched with gratitude. Gratitude to Allah for His mercies in our lives, for making us realise how overpowering His plans are and for being acquainted with this brother. 

And whoever fears Allah – He will make for him of his matter ease.”

(At-Talaaq: Verse 4)

Our flight today was a connecting via Jammu. Subhanallah, our duas were answered and this flight was not cancelled. The turbulent weather made the flight really shaky, thereby leaving us at the mercy of Allah subhana wa ta’ala. 

Husband and I were amazed how a sophisticated device by mankind could not stand the slight force of wind. It saddens me to see mankind prostrating before the creations of Allah. Does Allah not challenge them to re-create a creation as minute as the fly?

O mankind! A similitude has been coined, so listen to it (carefully): verily! Those on whom you call besides Allah cannot create (even) a fly, even though they combine together for the purpose. And if the fly snatched away a thing from them, they would have no power to release it from the fly. So weak are (both) the seeker and the sought.”

[al-Hajj 22:73]

As we landed safely in Jammu, we were told our flight to Srinagar was canceled as well. After a bit of harassment, we are finally scheduled to fly to Srinagar tomorrow in sha allah

Next, in sha allah, we plan to tour the city Allah landed us into. At present we are awaiting a traditional kashmiri meal in a restaurant. 
He is with you, where you may be; and Allah, of what you do, is seeing”  (Al-hadid: 4)

May Allah reward you.
[1] Etiquettes of seeking knowledge by Sh. Abu Bakr Zaid with commentary by Sh. Uthaymeen


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