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The Perfect Tea

Almost every Sunday we have our Tarbiyah study circle. We are a group of women who study tafseer, hadith, authentic books , Arabic etc. That requires us to spend a good four hours in the classroom.

The aunty who hosts us every weekend at her place is very kind to serve us tea and snacks every time we are in our learning process.

It was the same that day. The tea arrived and the tray was circulated amongst us. We gladly took our cup and sipped into glory……. Only to realise there was no sugar.

Tea in India is a glorious drink. It has water mixed with milk, sugar and tea leaves boiled cumbersomely until it drains the leaves off all its goodness. Sometimes it has spices in it to enhance the flavor. Miscalculation in any of the above can lead to serious disappointments to tea addicts. That, is a huge portion of Indian population. My parents and husband, both cannot do without their daily two cuppaa! May Allah bless them.

I watched the expressions change. Silent expressions and confusion. Frowns, pursed lips, shrugged shoulders, raised cups hinting what was to be done. Suddenly we hear a poised firm voice -” what an amazing cup of tea isn’t it?”, and sips on with passion

Another quickly backs, “indeed it is delicious and so healthy”
-“white sugar is the poison of the century “, says another. ,” we must now start drinking this tea only. Beautiful ”

The tension suddenly eased. Everyone was smiling and giggling. And everyone continued to sip their cuppa with ease and happiness. Indeed we were reminded of another sunnah

Abu Huraira reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, would never complain about food. If he desired something, he would eat it. If he disliked it, he would leave it.

Sahih Muslim 2064, Bukhari 3370


10 thoughts on “The Perfect Tea

  1. MashaAllah Jazakillah khairan katsiran dear sister for your suggestion, Ameen ya Rabb…May Allah bless you all, barakallahu feekum.. it is really interesting… we are here also have muslimah’s circle but it is not for study about deen, sister…
    I really want somthing which is more beneficial, meaningful and rewarding

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    • 🙂 May Allah help you. The one I attend was started merely by 3-4 sisters 10 years back. Now the group has increased to 15-20 Alhamdulillah. Why don’t you start one at your place? All you have to do is find one person like you who has passion for deen. And then start. Meet twice a month (alternate Sundays) .. Start with a book and authentic tafseer . read in turns and discuss what u think it means and how u can relate it to something practical in your life or the current global situation. It gets very interesting Alhamdulillah. Then promote it and gradually watch people join it over the years in sha allah 🙂

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