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New Place

Five days back husband and I moved to a new place.  We are putting up in the college campus.  The place is beautiful with lush green corn fields all around. There is a small village outside the campus.

The house is a tiny apartment, one side of it overlooking the fields and the other side faces the campus. The railway line is so close to my apartment that I can feel my bed rocking when a train passes. Early in the morning the horn of the train gives me palpitations at times. Takes a while to soothe my nerves.


Train through the fields


One strange thing I experienced after moving was relocation depression. Perhaps I am still overcoming it. I do not exactly know why this happened. It was certainly not due to my attachment to the old house, nor was it due to the sudden dearth of my social life. In fact, more often than not I spent a lot of time indoors even in my previous home. I sort of like the new house. It is a lot like how I like homes to be- Compact, serene, airy, huge windows, away from hustle bustle and more of a settled life. Sometimes I find myself overwhelmed with ‘setting up the home’ work. So much that I just let the things be. I am yet to even start unpacking things.

The worst time is immediately in the morning when husband leaves for work. For a while I do not know what to do. Though there is a lot to do, I simply end up sitting at some corner and killing time till he comes back. Mostly on the internet. As, I am writing this, I am realising the solution lies in getting up and doing ask the tasks one by one. I have exams coming up after two weeks and I am supposed study. I am terrified of Arabic. I keep forgetting what I learnt for my previous exams since  I do not have anyone to speak in Arabic and practise my lessons. I have been running away from it.

There are also times I think I should ring my neighbor’s doorbell. But there is certain hesitation I feel. What if she is not all that welcoming and warm? My previous neighbours were awesome. I remember, the day I moved in, they were all so warm and came home to greet me.

I try to counsel myself. I count my blessings. There are many things to be grateful for. I am certain I am amongst the blessed ones in this dunya.

I have a roof over my head. I am in a place that is peaceful and safe, so that I can practise my religion freely

I am allowed to study after marriage which is still rare in India. I have exams to appear, which is the easiest thing to do on planet. Yes, I feel studying is the easiest thing one can do. Taking up responsibilities and handling real tensions is so tough.

There are no daily targets and pressures to do anything. Alhamdulillah, I am still connected to some good muslimahs via Whatsapp

Every day I watch the fields at Maghreb and sunset looks gorgeous. Something like this-


The sun literally drowns in the corn fields. The view is breathtaking

There is a village outside the campus and the villagers tend cattle. Alhamdulillah, for the first time we came across a man selling goat’s milk. Husband and I decided to try it out for a change and it was yummy.

The place is good with certain amenities like gymnasium. Though not very well equipped, but In Sha Allah I intend to join it.

There is a squirrel’s nest on my kitchen window. So early in the morning after fajr I watch them clean themselves and leave their nests only to come back at Asr. I am amazed by their strict schedule. There is some movement in their nest until early Maghreb after which they goto rest. Were we meant to follow the same routine? Husband and I are usually up until very late. Perhaps until 1am or 2 at times.

In the evenings, we can often hear peacocks and parrots chirping 🙂 I am blessed with a lot of beauty around me. Evenings are more relaxed as the day comes to an end.

I downloaded my study modules today. Tomorrow In Sha Allah I must start studying and perhaps unpack one box. I need to meet my neighbour too and figure out how to start some Deen activities here for Muslimahs.

Hopefully, I can start making my days more productive. In Sha Allah

How do you deal with relocating? Ever been through relocation depression? Comment below and share your thoughts


8 thoughts on “New Place

  1. All the best girl! All love and duas. We humans are prone to things that belong us so much that this relocation depression is mandatory also once after marriage when a girl leaves her home this comes naturally as well…but the cherries are in immersing ourselves to the gratitude of Him for it must entail blessings. Look at those corn fileds! Masha Allah May Allah bless you more, ameen.

    Read you after such a long time. Really liked the soothing post. What are you studying?

    Liked by 1 person

      • Wa iyyakum! Really glad to make you glee 🙂 alhamdulillah. This time I forgot your name :p
        May Alla bless you immense. Ameen. Your sitting at the same place once your husband leaves sounded like my story :p haha

        Masha Allah ! That’s fantastic. May Allah open the doors of wisdom and barakah of ‘ilm onto you. Ameen.


        Liked by 1 person

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