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Whatsapp Challenge

I am certain that many bloggers must have gone through this. You get an idea to write about, you think you will eventually but as time passes you pass it off and the idea never sees the light of being a script.

Been very commonly into this of late. As much as I love to write and communicate my emotions through my fingers, I have been a victim of a huge fitnah since the past few years- The WhatsApp.

No matter how much i claim that if used properly it can be a blessing. And that I share religious knowledge, or I read motivating things about Islam; the raw truth is that is does more harm to me than good. Indeed, 20% of its usage is for sake of Allah but 80% is the deception of shaytaan. We tend to chat a lot more, discuss things that do no good, are less productive, sometimes we put aside important work because we feel its rude to not reply to a salam out there, and sometimes this unproductivity makes you slightly depressed of having to do nothing in life!

This, cannot be the state of affairs of a Muslimah.

Imaam Ibn ul Qayyim (rahimahullaah) stated:”Time wasting is more serious than death because time wasting cuts you off from Allaah and the home of the afterlife, whereas death cuts you off from the worldly life and its people.’’
[Source: Al-Fawaaid…page 59]

All those resolutions to regulate time for whatsapp usage and other errands have miserably failed. So finally, I DELETED IT. It was hard. My nafs was giving me hundred reasons why it is so important but you just know that there was life without it once upon a time. And guess what, a very productive life it was indeed.

As shaykh Uthaymeen states-

Time is more precious than wealth,

as Allaah – the Most Blessed, the Most High – said:

“Until when death comes to him, he says: O my Lord! Give me respite so that I may then do righteous actions.” [Soorah al-Baqarah 2:333].

Time is such that when it departs it does not return, whereas wealth, when it departs, then it is possible to replace it.

[Source: Al-Istiqaamah Magazine , Issue No.5 – Ramadân 1417H / January 1997]

This is yet another tiny attempt and In sha Allah I will be able to get rid of my addiction. Perhaps writing about it will keep me inspired.

Let me know if you have been through this struggle and how you dealt with it. Anyone joining me in this challenge?