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It’s the one fine day.. when sitting in nothingness <a href=”Vague“>vague memories pass by me.

I remember faces from the past, wondering what they must be doing now. Nameless faces. I try hard to recall the names but alas!

It’s amazing how distinct incidents flash back. Vivid imageries. Was it me who lived these moments?

Friends are getting married. How smoothly we have moved from one stage to another. When we were eight, twelve or fifteen little did we know we’d be so comfortable without each other.

The competing over grades, the insistence over going for a movie, how important a dinner party seemed to assert our freedom…

I remember during the standard three exams, the class monitor wrote my name on the board as I was talking. The fear that masked me! I was given the question paper an hour late. In my desperation I was asking my neighbours to show me the question paper. It was a HUGE thing. I even remember it was English Grammar.. and I remember how scared I was of my mother knowing about it that I tried penetrating the sharp HB pencil nib into my neck hoping I die.

Thank God it hurt and I stopped.

One of many times I thought in my naivety that I’ll die and teach “them” a lesson. The “them” varied from.time to time and the gravity of their deeds too

Then there was a time I had a sword fight with my arch enemy at eight with a wooden ruler (or scale, whatever you call it as).. the reason I know not. Haha. But over the next ten years we evolved as very fast friends.

And there was a friend at 7, who told me before shifting to a new city that he would bury his dolls at a particular spot so that I could collect them after he leaves. We dug a very neat hole and placed a beautiful tile over it to prepare for the event well before time. Why he didn’t give it to me just like that, I don’t know. Maybe, we just wanted more adventure of secret treasure. His family moved. New family came in. I could never gather the courage to trespass the property to dig out all of it. (Laughing out hard) ..I wonder if he ever kept them, and if he did, what must have happened to the toys.

Swimming competitions.. we had this annual swimming galas in the local social officers’ club. Free style, breast stroke, back stroke, relays, butterfly, marathon and water quiz were amongst the various rounds in which I participated. I must’ve been 8 or 9.. water quiz it was. You are required to swim across the length of the pool, a volunteer gives you a chit on the other end with a mathematical problem written on it, solve it and go back. My volunteer happened to be my dad’s friend and thus, kept prompting the answer to me. And oh my dad’s honest genes. I left without marking the answer because it was prompted. Needless to say, I lost the round.

I won my first “first” prize at 12. Drawing competition in the same Officers’ Club. And I am really bad at drawing. The subject was “Swimming Gala in the Club”. I won second position again the following year for “Mother India”. I remember both my drawings very well. Then I won my next first for elocution competition at 16. I used to stammer on stage till 14. Things changed at 15, when I was elected the school prefect and had to host many events at school on stage.

Oh my God. My mind is flooding with memories. Conversations with my parents. The lone time spent at home. Cycling to school and tuitions. Loving sports. Being the class monitor first time at 12 and carrying the legacy until 15.

We say time flies. But it really doesn’t. It’s stuffed with memories. Loads and loads of them. Moments that you’ve lived. Ones that you can relish… 🙂


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